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Philip Gust

Sometimes it's convenient to work with size and origin.  Our graphics system adds some operations on Rectangle2D.Float/Double including the ability to construct one using a Point2D and a Dimension2D, and the ability to ask for size and origin of a Rectangle2D.Float/Double separate from bounds.  We had to implement our own equivalent to Dimension2D.Float/Double because one wasn't provided in Java2D.  I'd also suggest adding the constructors and the size/origin enquiry functions as appropriate to Java2D shape classes.  We find them to be very useful.

> Hi Ben,
> Since it was only used for doing component layouts (in integer
> it wasn't really needed anywhere, though I suppose that this begs
> question as to why Dimension2D was created in the first place. 
> (scratches head, doesn't remember).
>Do you have a use case for it now?
> LOUD, Ben wrote:
>> I was just wondering, is there any reason why there are no Float
and Double subclasses of Dimension2D? I'm suprised such a simple thing
was never included.
>> Thats all. Thanks!
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