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A few problems

Javadoc omit entries in summary when two methods look alike:
public class Test {
   public <T extends Double> void act(T input) {}
   public <T extends Integer> void act(T input) {}
This class passes javac. In javadoc, both methods have member details generated, but only the first appearing method is in the summary. The anchor used in the summary is "act(T)". Might need a good way to prevent such link conflicts.

I think this is worth filing an issue on the bug tracker.

In addition, I hope the bug where annotations are included in member ids would be filed on bug tracker too. See https://mail.openjdk.java.net/pipermail/javadoc-dev/2021-January/002361.html
This can be easily replicated by declaring a method like
public void take(@TypeAnnotation int value) {}
and see the javadoc output of the method's id.

Best regards