Last day for pushing hs enhancements and P4-P5 bugs to JDK 10

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Last day for pushing hs enhancements and P4-P5 bugs to JDK 10

Hi HotSpot developers,

We are getting closer to the RDP1 milestone in the JDK 10 project. On December 14 the stabilisation repository for JDK 10 will be forked from jdk/jdk, and into this stabilisation repository we will only be pushing P1-P3 bug fixes.

Push your RFEs and P4-P5 bugs before COB December 1st

It takes some time for changes to propagate through the testing layers between jdk/hs and jdk/jdk, and we also want to have some buffer time to get the last bugs fixed. For this reason the last day to push a change to hs if you really need it to get into JDK 10 is December 1st.

jdk/hs will remain open for any bug fixes P1-P5 and any RFEs.

Integration from jdk/hs into jdk/jdk will continue even after this date given that our quality is good enough, so with any amount of luck even changes pushed a few days later might make it. But if you want to make sure to get your change into JDK 10, push it before COB December 1st.

If you have a change that should NOT go in to JDK 10, please hold on to it until after December 14.