OpenJDK Java 2D API

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Technical discussion about the Java 2D API and its implementation
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4189647 - Dimension2D.Float/.Double by Ben Loud
by Ben Loud
Best way organizing XRender additions for the X11 pipeline? by Clemens Eisserer
by Clemens Eisserer
Re: <AWT Dev> Java Fullscreen Mode with Xorg server 1.3.0+ (I'm ready to work on a patch) by Oleg Sukhodolsky-5
by Munckfish
Re: <AWT Dev> [PATCH] memory leak in LCMS.c by phil.race
by Alexey Ushakov
DirectX9 support for java-2d by Saravanan S
by phil.race
New list for getting 2d bug update notifiications by phil.race
by phil.race
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