RFR(XXS): 8182307 - Error during JRMP connection establishment

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RFR(XXS): 8182307 - Error during JRMP connection establishment

Daniel D. Daugherty

I have a small fix for a very intermittent ServerSocket related test

     JDK-8182307: Error during JRMP connection establishment

The fix is copied from Jerry's work on the following bugs:

     JDK-8182757 JDWP: Socket Transport handshake hangs on Solaris

     JDK-8178676 nsk/jvmti/AttachOnDemand/attach045 fails with Exception

For the gory details of the reasons for this fix please see
Jerry's bugs.

Webrev URL: http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~dcubed/8182307-webrev/jdk10-0/

I observed this test failure one time in my Thread-SMR work and have
been including this fix in months of Thread-SMR stress testing. It was
also included in both JPRT and Mach5 tier[1-5] testing of the Thread-SMR

Thanks, in advance, for any comments, suggestions or questions.