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The voting has now closed, and the results have been tallied.

Valid votes were received from the following Members of the Compiler Group
Joe.Darcy at Sun.COM          Vote: yes
iris at               Vote: yes
Kumar.Srinivasan at Sun.COM   Vote: yes

According to the rules[*], this is sufficient to approve the proposal
for Neal Gafter to become a Member of the Compiler Group.

Welcome, Neal.

-- Jonathan Gibbons


Jonathan Gibbons wrote:
Neal Gafter has requested to be a Member of the Compiler Group.

Please cast your vote by replying to this message with either

Vote: yes


Vote: no

as the first line of the message body.

You may indicate the reason for your decision, if you wish, on subsequent lines.
This is optional and not required.

Votes are due by midnight UTC next Monday, 17 March, after which time the votes will
be tallied and reported to this list and to discuss at

Only Members of the Compiler Group are eligible to vote on this decision. [1]

The current Members are:

   Alex Buckley
   Maurizio Cimadamore
   Iris Clark
   Joe Darcy
   Jonathan Gibbons
   Kumar Srinivasan