Re: JDK10 build on Win64 fails on `make images`

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Re: JDK10 build on Win64 fails on `make images`

Erik Joelsson
(moving to build-dev)

Hello Oleksandr Nikitin,

It looks like you forgot to clone all the repositories. Please run "sh" in the root of the repository you cloned. You will also
need to rerun "sh ./common/bin/ up -r
JDK-8174901-epsilon-branch" after the full clone.

I would also recommend getting Visual Studio 2013. While configure will
accept 2010/SDK 7.1, it's not the compiler we use or recommend for JDK 9
or 10.


On 2017-04-01 18:11, Oleksandr Nikitin wrote:

> Hello,
> I am trying to build JDK 10 + Epsilon GC on Windows by this guide:
> TLDR: configure seems to run fine, but the `make images` step fails with
> the error:
> No rule to make target `java.base-libs`
> Full build log:
> ad8406ea1c2aea4bfe9faeda35a76dd0
> I can build JDK 8 and 9 in this environment, so I assume it is configured
> mostly correctly.
> Never dabbled with any JDK sources before, so looking for any advice. I can
> provide access to the machine if needed.
> Machine: Windows 10 Pro x64, Windows SDK 7.1, Cygwin x64, bootstrap JDK
> 1.8u121 x64
> Thanks in advance!