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David Holmes
cc'ing core-libs-dev. Despite the notation on JEP 306 I don't think
there's anyone from hotspot active in this area and most of the below is
about SE library classes.


On 7/12/2017 11:39 AM, A Z wrote:

> These are Java SE questions.
> -Is it likely that JEP 306 could be updated in a Java update, earlier?
> Apart from the assertion 'will not fix', accurate floating point
> is a massive requirement.  It isn't very possible to do within-range
> float or double multiplies, divides, powers, roots, or even things
> in other classes like obtaining the distances between two points
> (in Java2D and Java3D).
> -Could there be a BigDecimal version of StrictMath
> being put in to the standard libraries, under Java's own umbrella,
> and not as someone else's separate library?