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Re: RFR: 8231436: Fix the applicability of a no-@Target annotation type

Liam Miller-Cushon-2
On Thu, 4 Feb 2021 21:04:51 GMT, Liam Miller-Cushon <[hidden email]> wrote:

>> Thanks, I was missing context here. I now realize this patch is fixing a bug related to [JDK-8254023]( the handling of annotations without `@Target` was updated to allow them to be applied to module declarations, the handling of repeatable annotations without `@Target` should also have been updated. I filed a new bug for the sub-issue that this patch is fixing, and will update it accordingly in a minute:
>> I'm also happy to help with any work to be done on the larger question of interpreting `@Target`-less annotations as applicable to type contexts, if there's agreement about what to do there.
> I spun the original change that related specifically to repeatable annotations and `@Target(MODULE)` out into and filed corresponding CSR [JDK-8261181](
> I will look at updating this review to actually implement the change to make no-`@Target` annotations applicable to all contexts next.

I pushed an initial implementation of a fix to make no-`@Target` annotation applicable in all contexts, including type contexts.

I have updated affected tier 1 langtools tests, which provides some signal about the compatibility impact. That also uncovered a couple of bugs: one issue where javadoc isn't escaping type annotations in html ([JDK-8261203](, and a crash with intersection types and LVTI ([JDK-8261205](