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Re: <AWT Dev> TrayIcon not working with LXDE on Raspberry Pi

Sergey Bylokhov

For steps to reproduce, it is necessary to have a test application that creates
a tray icon with a menu.  I can put this together but it will take a day or two.
The test case is done now.  Before filing the bug, I retested on the latest
version of Raspbian (released on 2017-03-02) and the problem does not occur.
The problem occurs with an older version of Raspbian from 2006-03-18 that
I was using previously.  Because of this, I am not sure if there is still
any need to file the bug and my test case but I would be happy to do this
if it might assist other users.

CC 2d-dev:
Since Dsun.java2d.xrender affects the bug means that this is related to xrender libarary, and probably some bugs were fixed in the latest version of Raspbian


The TrayIcon display of messages, hover text and pop-up menus appeara to be
broken when running JDK9 EA build 159 on Raspbian LXDE.  In all cases, the
background is drawn but there is no foreground text.  Selecting the invisible
text of a menu item works as expected.  Is this a known issue or should I
create a bug report?

Simon Nash