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Re: <Sound Dev> [9] Review Request: 8179596 Update java.desktop to be HTML-5 friendly

Jonathan Gibbons

This is not a comment on the content of the review; it is a minor comment on your interpretation of <p>.

<p> is a block-level tag that is implicitly terminated by any of many block-level tags. For the full list, see the W3C definition of the p element in HTML 5:

Tag omission in text/html:

A p element's end tag may be omitted if the p element is immediately followed by an address, article, aside, blockquote, div, dl, fieldset, footer, form, h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6, header, hgroup, hr, main, nav, ol, p, pre, section, table, or ul, element, or if there is no more content in the parent element and the parent element is not an a element.

-- Jon

On 05/05/2017 12:37 PM, Sergey Bylokhov wrote:
Hi, Alexey.
Yes it is possible to add </p> to this changes, but actually </p> tag is not used in JavaSound docs. The last one were removed a few years ago. The <p> tag is used in assumption that it affect the text till the next <p> or till the end of the doc.
So for example in the there are a few <p> tags which affects the text till the next <p>, and in this fix just one more <p> was added in the middle.

----- [hidden email] wrote:

Overall looks good.
One minor point - there are several places when you replace <center> 
with <p> without end </p>.
Usually absent </p> doesn't cause any problem, but it would be better
have end tags for all elements.

I see this in


On 05/04/2017 18:15, Sergey Bylokhov wrote:
Please review the fix for jdk9-dev.
This fix is a part of the effort to make all javadoc in jdk9 be
compatible to HTML5.
In the fix the most common issues are fixed.
The issues related to tables will be fixed later, because it is
depends from the new html styles which are under review[1].
After the fix the number of errors reported during the build in
java.desktop module decreased from 300+ to 110.
Webrev can be found at: