jdk10/client forest is FROZEN until JDK 10 repos are consolidated.

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jdk10/client forest is FROZEN until JDK 10 repos are consolidated.

Phil Race

The JDK 10 repo consolidation [1] is about to begin.
All the JDK forests need to be frozen to make this happen .. as per this
excerpt from the email below

> We're aiming to have the final pre-consolidation integrations of the 
> hs and client forests into JDK 10 master the week of August 28 or 
> shortly thereafter. Any work urgently needed to JDK 10 in areas that 
> push directly to master should also be pushed the week of August 28.
> On or about the week of September 4, JDK 10 master will be marked as 
> read-only and after it is marked read-only,
So it is now 5th September and you should consider the client forest FROZEN
(and it may actually be read-only already since a request has been sent
to ops to make it so). If you do manage to push something there likely it
will be lost anyway and you would need to re-push at  later date in
the new consolidated forest.

It will re-open once the consolidation is completed some time next week.
In theory it should take only a day or so but there are implications for "boundary"
systems which will take a little longer.

Of course you will need to throw away all existing copies and re-clone
since the forests will be different.


[1] http://mail.openjdk.java.net/pipermail/jdk10-dev/2017-September/000455.html