<Beans Dev> JDK9 will be in RDP2 after March 16th PDT

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<Beans Dev> JDK9 will be in RDP2 after March 16th PDT

Phil Race

There will I am sure be an official email to jdk9-dev soon but I'd at least
to give a reminder about this change in JDK 9 rules as it winds down
towards release.

If you have anything you need to push without incurring extra process
you have
just 2 and a half days to do it.

After March 16th *all* pushes to any forest require some kind of
explicit approval.
For changes in product code, you will need a "jdk9-critical-request"
label and a
justification about why it is a critical or stopper bug for JDK9. That
will be evaluated.

P3 and above "test" and "doc" bugs can still go in with a  much less
formal "nod"
which for the lists above you can get from me. I will monitor the lists
for such issues.

That is just a very brief and rough summary of what happens *after*
Others will give a more precise rundown of the rules.

The main message here from me is
(1) Push soon or incur process
(2) After Thursday DO NOT push without approval.