openjdk: [svn] Load openjdk/jdk7/b22 into jdk/trunk

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openjdk: [svn] Load openjdk/jdk7/b22 into jdk/trunk

Mark Wielaard

The automatic import message (svn into the readonly mercurial repo on was a little big (1MB+) and got rejected for the
        Date: Fri, 12 Oct 2007 20:39:18 +0000
        From: Mark Wielaard <[hidden email]>
        Subject: openjdk: [svn] Load openjdk/jdk7/b22 into jdk/trunk.
        To: [hidden email]
        changeset:   10:ce9dde984c21
        branch:      trunk
        tag:         tip
        user:        xiomara
        date:        Fri Oct 12 20:19:08 2007 +0000
        files:       THIRD_PARTY_README control/make/Makefile
        [...6000 other files...]
        [svn] Load openjdk/jdk7/b22 into jdk/trunk.

Those 6000 files are the moving around of the files mentioned in Kelly
O'Hair's Blog:
The import seems to have ran fine though.

Have fun!