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[rfc][icedtea-web]deprecated shell launchers and added rust stub

Jiri Vanek

This some time ago announced patch, which is deprecating shell launchers - both linux and windows ones.
There will be kept possibility to build itw with shell launchers, but they are considered
unmaintained and deprecated. BY default, rust ones will be there.

The rust luncher is going to grow, and should be unified source for both windows and linux ones.

All reproducers are now broken, until the rust launcher grow a bit. (well it is hello world for
now)...  Same is valid for javaws in forking mode or other "itself" calls.

if no rustc is on path, and shell launchers are enforced, then ITW *should* behave as before (only
expect that .sh suffix appearing where sensible)

Although it is not planned, any trace of shell launchers may disappear any time!
And although the "build" with shell skript is somehow kept in, it is really deprecated, and I'm
going to let it rot:(

The reproducers are still conisdered as not-working on windows, but this should fix iteslf when rust
launchers will be finished.


Jiri Vanek
Senior QE engineer, OpenJDK QE lead, Mgr.
Red Hat Czech
[hidden email]    M: +420775390109

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